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The Beginning

The Beginning

The name Big Bratt originated as team roping jackpots that Stacy and husband Casey put on. Casey would run and rope in the jackpots, while Stacy would bring a small booth for the wives of ropers to shop while watching. Stacy’s pop up shop gained more interest as she took it to team ropings around the state. In 2014 Stacy and her husband invested in an oil shop in Downtown Spanish Fork, UT. Casey had the idea of adding “foo foo”s to the oil shop for the customers to browse while waiting for their oil to be changed. Foo Foo’s turned into a full scale boutique. This led to the purchase and relocation of the boutique to the next door “garage”. What started as a two bay mechanic shop was quickly (or as some recall not so quickly) remodeled to what is now Big Bratt Boutique. We kept that antique flare of the original building in the renovation decorating with antique pieces including; a 1952 Chevy Truck and an old Indian Motorcycle. 


Big Bratt’s fashion originated from the minds of three women. Stacy (Owner), Savannah (Daughter) and Kylie (Friend). Each brought their own unique sense of style and strengths when it came to running the boutique. As of 2020 Stacy continues to be the owner of BBB, Savannah has taken the role of social media manager and product specialist and Kylie runs the marketing. The style of BBB comes from a collaborative effort of all three girls, and has since the beginning. From the beginning of BBB we aimed at being unique. In our area there were two options, the mall or western stores. Our style was a blend of both and that's exactly what we made Big Bratt. Learning as we went, we began to curate our unique style. 

Fast forward five years, we have grown and learned in more ways than we can imagine. We not only have a brick and mortar store on Historic Spanish Fork Main Street but also a successful online store. We have had the opportunity to style women in all different industries all over the world.. What started as a two man crew has turned into a 10 man operation of hard-working women who all share the same interest in western fashion. 

 Big Bratt has led us to meet and connect with so many amazing people from all over the world. We are thankful for all of our amazing customers, many of which have become long time friends. We are very excited to be able to show a little more of what BBB is about and how it came to be, let you into the lives of the women who make it what it is and how we are each our own kind of cowgirl. 

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