Back to School with BBB

 Autumn is just around the corner and that means back to school has showed
up once again! Big Bratt Boutique is a {one-stop shop} for all the gals back to school needs and wants too! When back to school shopping rears it’s head, many people automatically think DENIM, but really 90-degree weather is still around for several weeks. BBB has so many stylish options that aren't long, denim bottoms for school goers in the hot, hot August heat. Non-denim bottoms are the perfect solution and easy to style. Non-denim bottoms are a favorite to pair with graphic tees and a cute sandal. You can also style non-denim bottoms by adding a cute denim jacket as a topper for those cool mornings and evenings in the fall. BBB also has denim bottoms that are still perfect for the carrying summer heat. Denim skirts made a huge appearance this year in every genre of fashion and are a perfect pair with any style, from girly blouses to tooled leather baseball caps and tees. If you are in need some fall essential jeans, BBB has tons of different styles offered in store and online too! My personal favorite style this year is the flare jean. Flare jeans take a basic, everyday piece and add a sophisticated {punch} to any outfit. They also create the perfect illusion of long, dreamy legs when paired with a shoe with some height. Many people question what shoes to style a flare look with, the answer is just about anything! For warmer weather you could pair flares with a pair of wedge heels and in colder months they pair great with ankle booties or boots too.

Whether it be skirts, non-denim bottoms, or jeans, comment below and share what your favorite fall style is to get 10% off of your next in store purchase at BBB!



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